Final Campaign Flyer

Click here to read my final campaign flyer.

Besides knocking on hundreds of doors and sending and responding to hundreds of emails and calls, I have distributed four flyers to the 1,250+ residences in the district.  The first was an introduction; the second addressed the biggest challenges I see for the immediate future; and the third (actually 20 different flyers) addressed accomplishments for each of the 20 neighborhoods or groups of residents in the district.

This final flyer differentiates me, but not through negativity.  There is no place for that.  I have never run a negative campaign, and I was not going to start now.

I will continue to respond to calls and emails and visit with people through Tuesday and, if I am elected, after that.  If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.

Staying Active in Mequon


This morning, I attended a meeting of the Mequon Economic Development Board. I have been a member since 2014 (and also served on the board as an alderman). This is just one of many ways I have stayed active with the City, and in the community, since I decided not to run for reelection three years ago.  I also have served on committees at Lumen Christi Church, assisted Mequon businesses and served as a board member of the Mequon Community Foundation (an independent, nonprofit charitable organization).

I have lived in Mequon and been active in this community since junior year of high school, and have been active with Mequon city government in one capacity or another for almost 18 years.

An alderman should know the community and the government body in which she or he will serve.  I have been immersed in Mequon for a long time.

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