Non-partisan, But Substantive and Fiscally Conservative

Being an alderman is non-partisan, and should stay that way.  Still, it is a substantive job, and the perspective with which an alderman approaches the position makes a difference.

As an alderman, I worked to represent all of the residents of the 4th district.  I jumped in and lead vigorously when an issue made a difference to the residents of our district, whether that involved taking almost a whole month off of work to battle a sexual predator home the state wanted to put on County Line Road, or asking the police department to drive through our district more often, or fixing the turn lane on Mequon Road to make it safer, or installing a safe bike path on Dodges Bay rather than wide shoulders, or improving Lemke Park, or fixing local roads, or organizing meetings when there was a rash of burglaries.

As importantly, I worked to represent the entire City.  Mayor  Nuernberg and I met with Germantown officials to ensure that Mequon Road was not improved in a way that hurt Mequon.  I fought against a new water runoff tax.  I advocated to ensure that fees charged by the City were not just hidden taxes.  I took a major role in writing the water utility referendum and the Town Center ordinances.  I fought to keep government from harming local business.  I lead an effort to have the City work more closely with the school district and the Village of Thiensville.

But, through it all, I approached government as a fiscal conservative.  I believe that government must live within its means.  I authored Mequon’s tax levy freeze (which held the line on levy increases even before state law required such levy controls).  I worked with Council members of all political bents to ensure taxes did not increase. We still accomplished a lot.

Local government is and should remain nonpartisan, but local government candidates should not hide behind nonpartisanship in order to avoid letting you know where they stand on issues like fiscal restraint.  I have a record in which I take some pride that tells you were I am coming from.

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