Mequon Nature Preserve Winter Frolic


Tomorrow is the Winter Frolic right here in the 4th District (and it’s free): a farmer’s market, sleigh rides, characters inspired by the movie Frozen, tractor rides, a dog sled demo and so much more.  Click here for more information.

2 thoughts on “Mequon Nature Preserve Winter Frolic”

  1. John, I “liked” Braverman’s FB page and she posts almost nothing. What she does is not about the election. Is she campaigning? Christine

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    1. Christine, Stacey and I were disappointed that we missed you and Rob at the Frolic. We saw John Garms, Bill Hoppe and a lot of other people, but could not find you. We walked to and from the west parking lot. A good workout with the crusty snow and ice!

      I will send you a personal response to your question. I am sure that Ms. Braverman is working hard to figure this out. By all accounts, she is a very nice person.


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