Common Council 2

Friends and Neighbors:

My wife Stacey and I live in the Victorian farmhouse on Donges Bay Road across from Resurrection Cemetery.

I moved to Mequon during high school and have lived here, with a few interruptions while I was a student and for a year after that, for 38 years.  My wife Stacey moved to Mequon when she was five.  Our daughters Tori and Erin were born and raised here.

I am a business lawyer.  If you want to know more about me, my resume is on the page labeled “Background.”

I represented the 4th District on the Mequon Common Council for 12 years.  Three years ago, I decided not to seek reelection.  I self-imposed my own term limits.  I did not want to get stale.  When I served as alderman, I always tried to go well beyond the basic requirements, and I only wanted to stay in office if I was certain I had the passion to keep doing that.  Three years away have rekindled my passion.  In the interim, I have stayed involved with the City in a number of ways.

As your alderman, I worked for the following, and would do so again:

  • Low Taxes and Efficient Spending
  • Excellent Safety Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance)
  • Better Roads
  • Fair and Impartial Administration and Enforcement of Laws
  • Open and Responsive Government

I worked to ensure that the 4th District had a strong voice on the Council.  I served as President, served on the Planning Commission and, at one point or other, chaired every committee that can be chaired by an alderman.  I encouraged debate and built consensus.

I frequently sent email updates, occasionally delivered newsletters and attended many neighborhood meetings.  I communicated with many of you by email, phone and in person.  I plan to communicate even more regularly and to add social media to my communication tools.  Government needs to do a better job of seeking input from residents and of letting people know what is happening at City Hall.  I also want to see the City improve its website so residents can find the information they want.

I am not in favor of a lot of new laws.  I think government should stay out of people’s lives as much as possible.  I respect property rights.  I question everything and want to ensure that decisions are made based on facts, sound policy and best practices rather than emotions or cronyism.

Please call or email me and let me know if you have questions or comments.  Also, if you are willing to have allow me to post a yard sign on your property, please sign-up on the “Yard Sign” page.  If you are willing to allow me to list you among my supporters, please sign-up on the “Supporters” page.

John Wirth

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