Correction: Northwest Corner of Highland and Port Washington Roads

I inadvertently posted that the proposed building will be 39,500 square feet. That is inaccurate. The proposal is for 29,500 square feet. I apologize for the error, although it does not change the analysis, just the magnitude by which the building is oversized.

One thought on “Correction: Northwest Corner of Highland and Port Washington Roads”

  1. Regarding the rezoning of the northwest corner of Highland and Port Washington Roads for a 29,500 square foot medical office. I am very impressed with your detailed analysis of this project and the thorough considerations you have articulated about what’s best for Mequon.
    I believe the vast majority of Mequon residence moved to Mequon to enjoy the quiet residential atmosphere it offers, the spacious suburban layout of the neighborhoods, and the excellent school district it offers for raising our families. I know these are the main characteristics that attracted us to Mequon over 17 years ago.
    I agree commercial development is necessary in a community to provide services to the population and provide a certain level of growth as the population expands. I emphasize as you have this growth in our community should be consistent with the needs of our residence and not a beacon for economic or industrial growth for the sake of jobs and revenue as a major draw from outside the community.
    I believe the reasons people have been drawn to Mequon in the past and invested heavily in its neighborhoods is worth being carried forward when considering rezoning and the use of the limited undeveloped lands still available for development. The emphasis on residential development consistent with existing nationhood planning should be the driving force behind future expansion decisions to hand the next generation a place to raise their families.
    I think the proposed building plan is too big for our neighborhood, not planned out to be consistent with the surrounding residential growth, nor contains plans for future residential development in the area.
    This area in Mequon is unique with a beautiful river to the west, lake Michigan to the east, and easy access to many recreational facilities. Lets develop the little land left in Mequon as a suburb for our next generation of families to enjoy.
    I am firmly against this type of development and I really HOPE THAT OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARED!

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