Some people hate them. Some people proudly display them. Yard signs are part of the American political process.

The City of Mequon respects people’s right to express their political positions by posting signs provided they do so on their own private property.

The City of Mequon, however, does not allow yard signs on public property, and no one has the right to put a yard sign on private property without the owner’s permission.

The Mequon Police Department will remove signs on public property. Public property includes:

  • Parks
  • Library
  • City hall and other facilities
  • School property
  • County property
  • Road rights-of-way

The Police Department will not necessarily be looking for illegally placed signs; however, when it comes across them, or when it receives complaints, it will remove them. Signs placed on public property will be deemed abandoned. They will not be saved for retrieval. The Police Department has already removed and disposed of several for this election.

Determining the area of a road right-of-way is somewhat complicated. Generally, signs are not allowed in the area between a sidewalk and a road or between a drainage ditch and a road.

Private property owners may also dispose of any sign found on their property without permission. The City will not monitor the placement of signs on private property; however, entrance areas to subdivisions and condominiums, business properties, golf courses and undeveloped land are all private property. If you see a yard sign in one of those areas and believe that it is there without permission, call the owner.

Please do not put signs on other people’s property without their permission. It is trespass. And do not remove signs from other people’s property. That is theft. The Police Department will respond to complaints and take enforcement action as necessary.

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