The City’s Emergency Management Committee

Today at 3:00, the City has its biweekly Emergency Management Committee (EMC) meeting. The EMC was designed for various stakeholders to advise the City what the City should do, and what they are doing, in response to the COVID-19 virus. It is not designed for the City to advise the stakeholders.

Representatives on the EMC include me (as mayor). three doctors (one of whom is also an alderman), a State Senator, an Assembly Representative, and a representative of the library, Chamber of Commerce, County Board, Concordia University and Mequon-Thiensville School District.

Today, in response to the school board’s decision to start the school year virtually, members of the community have registered to speak (at last report, 15). I will recognize them to speak.

I will ask, however, that they tailor their comments to advice for the City. The EMC does NOT exist to advise the school district. I recognize that is not what the people who registered want to hear. I will not cut them off so long as their comments for the district are short and provided that the comments are civil. Personal attacks, particularly on an issue like this (which is not the purpose of the meeting) are not acceptable.

I would also note that public comments during a meeting are just that – comments. It is not an opportunity for a back and forth with committee members.

Finally, on Facebook, people have suggested that members of the school board participate on the EMC. They do not. Only Dr. Joynt is a member. Although he advises the school board, he cannot change the policy. The policymakers will not be at the meeting. Therefore, although I always encourage members of the public to participate in the City’s meetings, this will not be the best forum to effectuate change.

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