COVID-19: What You Can Do to Help

This virus is a challenge. If we all do our part through better hygiene and social distancing, we can reduce the spread of the disease and ultimately defeat it.

Meanwhile, many of our neighbors are hurting. There are things we all can do to help minimize the impact. The following are some of the many great recommendations I have received. I will add more as I receive more recommendations. Check back.

  • Keep in touch. Many, particularly our seniors, are feeling closed off and alone. It only takes a few minutes to call someone a couple of times a week to say hi and see if they need anything. We need to stay connected while we are distancing.
  • #PayUpFront So many of our local businesses are truly hurting: bars, restaurants, barbers, beauticians, day-cares and merchants, just to name a few.  If we want to see them make it through this, THEY NEED OUR HELP NOW. If you can, buy gift certificates or prepay for a few weeks’ of service. Even if they are closed, they have a lot of expenses. There is a little risk – some might not make it – but if each of us who can #PayUpFront does so, whether a few dollars or a few hundred dollars, we can minimize that risk. Have faith.
  • Order a meal for pick-up at your favorite restaurant. According to the CDC, food does not transmit coronavirus. Our restaurants need the business. Without it, many may fail.
  • Donate to the hungry. On Wednesday, I will be placing some boxes for food (and money) donations for Family Sharing of Ozaukee County inside the front door of City Hall (the doors along Cedarburg Road). I will be picking the donations up and delivering them. Those doors will be open for the next week and a half during ordinary business hours while in-person voting is happening. I plan to follow all of these recommendations, but this is my particular contribution.
  • Give blood. Blood is in very short supply and very much needed. One opportunity will be at Lumen Christi Church on Thursday, April 2, from noon until 5:00 p.m. All are welcome. COVID-19 protocols will be followed. I will let you know as more blood drives become available. Or, find a location by clicking here.
  • Help with supplies. If your business has gloves, masks, gowns or other personal protective equipment, both the City (firefighters, police and inspectors) and the hospital could use them. Please let me know if you have a line on any of them.
  • Even though you can vote in-person, don’t. Instead, please vote by mail. There is still time. You can request an absentee ballot by clicking here.  It is simple, and takes only a couple of minutes. If you need more help, you can call 262-236-2911 or email Janet Meyer at
  • If you insist on voting in person (but please don’t), bring your own (black or blue only) pen. That way people are not sharing pens. Felt tipped pens are preferable. And keep your distance in line.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19: What You Can Do to Help”

  1. Honorable Mayor:
    I think Mequon should automatically mail absentee ballots and instructions to all residents, similar to other communities like a Bayside.

    1. I wish we could, but we can’t. If other communities are doing that, they are breaking the law. Mequon is going to follow the legal requirements. I and every elected official took an oath to do so, and it is about the only obligation set forth for mayors in the state statutes. Plus, when the lawsuits come after this election, and they will, I do not want Mequon pointed at as one of the problems. By the way, the Bayside website says that voters are required to request an absentee ballot in the same way they do it in Mequon. Are you sure they mailed ballots out to everyone?

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