Stairs to Nowhere?

About a year ago, I heard that the County planned to put stairs to the lakefront at Virmond Park (Virmond is a county, not city park). A few days ago, I saw this post on Facebook.

Virmond Stairs

So, I followed up with one of our fine County Supervisors to see when this would be completed.

I learned that the County did not allocate sufficient funds for the project, so it will only be going part way down the bluff and end at an outlook. This was an odd decision by the County Board. In life, half a loaf is often better than no loaf, but I am not quite sure what was accomplished here. The lake can be viewed from the top of the bluff. Maybe I am missing something, but I expected that the benefit of the stairs would be to reach the lake.

I also know of no effort to raise private funds to complete the shortfall.

I do not have much interaction with most of our County Board members. I expect you do not either. However, residents of the City of Mequon pay a disproportionate share of the  taxes collected by the County. When something impacts our community, we should know about it. I did not know that the project started, or that it would not be completed. There should be better communication between our levels of government. I am going to make that a priority.

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