Future of Our Fire Department


Mequon has maintain an excellent paid-on-call and paid-for-service fire department with qualified, dedicated fire and ambulance personnel. However, considering the difficulties many paid-on-call and volunteer departments have in attracting and retaining members, and our changing demographics, it is imperative to be proactive in planning for continued success.

I have appointed a seven-member committee to take a comprehensive look at what other communities’ successful departments are doing and to examine what we are doing. The committee is charged with examining ways to optimize the future viability of our fire and ambulance services.

Safety services should always be our highest priority.

I tried to balance the committee to ensure that it comprehensively analyzes options. I want more than rehashed political and staff opinions. I appointed the most experienced Common Council member and one of the newer members; had the Chief appoint one member; had the department’s Association appoint another; and appointed three members with little City involvement (fresh perspectives) but excellent skills and professional experience.

The Committee includes:

Ald. Dale Mayr (Chair)
Ald. Brian Schneider
Deputy Chief Kurt Zellmann
Rick Lemke (Mequon Fire/EMS Association)
Melissa Bleidorn
Kirsten Hildebrand
Lynn Streeter

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