Please Consider Serving as 4th District Alderman

Neighbors in the Fourth District:

Mequon’s Aldermanic Fourth District needs one or more good aldermanic candidates. Maybe you could be that person. Or maybe you have a family member or friend who should run.

I will not be running for reelection. As you might know, I am running for Mayor. The election is in April. You can learn more at my campaign website (click here) or by emailing me at

An alderman must be 18 or over and live in the Fourth District. You can see a map of the Fourth District by clicking here.

There are no other mandatory requirements. However, I am passionate about this community. I hope our next alderman will share that passion. Mequon is a great place! An alderman should want to serve the community and know something about it. The last time I decided not to run, I put together a list of thoughts and suggestions about being a public official. You can read that list by clicking here.

Aldermen are members of the Common Council. The Common Council meets in the evening on the second Tuesday of every month. Additionally, aldermen serve on one or two committees and are part of the appropriations committee and sewer and water boards. Generally, those meetings are also on Tuesday evenings. On average, an alderman has meetings on two Tuesdays per month. Each meeting requires some reading beforehand of a substantial package of materials put together by city staff.

Beyond that, an alderman can be as active as she or he wants. For example, I do my email Updates, respond to many emails and phone calls, initiate new ordinances and resolutions, and attend a variety of other community meetings. Some aldermen limit their activities beyond the required Common Council meetings. You can make what you want out of the position.

The term of office is three years.

Getting on the ballot is easy. There are two simple forms you need to fill out. Those forms can be acquired from the City Clerk. After submitting those papers, you then must obtain nomination signatures from at least 20 of your neighbors in the Fourth District. Nomination papers cannot be circulated until December 1. They must be submitted by January 2.

If there are more than two candidates, a primary will be held on February 19. The general election will be held on April 2. The term of office begins on April 16.

If you have questions about serving, or about how to run for election, please email or call me.

Being an alderman is a commitment, but serving the community has been (and hopefully will continue to be) rewarding for me. Maybe it will be for you also.

Please, give it some thought. Or pass this on to someone who might be interested.


PS If you like the job I have done as your alderman, and are willing to allow me to use your name in my list of people who have publicly endorsed me as Mequon’s next Mayor, please click here.

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