A State Program That Can Help Mequon – We Just Need to Ask (I Am Asking)

Mequon has a variety of manufacturers (examples include Rockwell, Gateway Plastics and Charter) who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxes and use almost no city services. They also cost the school district nothing. What is our one challenge in keeping them here?

Good workers.

These businesses pay well and provide good, clean jobs, many of which have upward mobility opportunities. They contribute to our community. If we lose them, we would need to replace their taxes with either higher taxes. And Mequon does not have a ready labor pool.

The State of Wisconsin has introduced a program to recruit veterans leaving the military. These are hard-working people who show up for work. Many have trades skills. They are trained to be leaders.

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As this article notes:

The pool of potential candidates is large — 200,000 to 250,000 people move from active duty to civilian life each year, according to the Department of Defense. Many employers covet veterans because of their work ethic and leadership qualities.

Wisconsin has perhaps the best veterans benefits in the country. Plus, we have an unparalleled way of life.

The state is touting generous GI Bill educational benefits and good schools for their children; jobs that align with military training; employers who give incentives to veterans; low housing costs; and refundable property tax credits for eligible veterans.

Plus, the state has six VA Medical Centers and 18 VA community-based outreach clinics, veterans service officers in every county to help with claims and benefits.

Wisconsin also boasts plenty of hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, modest average commutes and, of course, lots of state-brewed beer

Wisconsin is the first state to go after this market. It could pose great dividends.

And, if Wisconsin can do it, why can’t we piggyback on these efforts? Available Mequon jobs are family supporting.

I have reached out to the administration to see if we can benefit.

This is win-win. We can help our businesses, help our veterans, and help our tax base without putting a strain on our services.

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  1. Good eye catching this! This should be a no-brainer. Mequon and it’s manufacturing sector stands to gain do much with NOTHING to lose!

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