Mequon Police Department is There to Help

Mequon Police Department
This Mequon PD badge has a slogan on it – “Service Trust Justice.” Note that it starts with “Service.”

Sometimes we overlook the fine services our city employees provide.  Unfortunately, sometimes we do not know about them. I received the following note today from a Mequon resident. It was enlightening to me. If you know someone who could use this particular service, please pass this on to him or her. 



I’d like to tell you about a great interaction with Mequon PD today. Officer Darren Selk is my new hero. I’ve sent him a message via the city website so he hopefully knows my gratitude.

My husband has mobility issues as you know from previous emails about handicapped parking spots. He’s also a fall risk. He fell today at home, I couldn’t get him up and our wonderful neighbor was there to help us. God bless great neighbors!

Later….I Wondered what I would do if our call list of friends and neighbors weren’t available.

I stopped at the Mequon PD to ask about help if it was a situation that was not emergency but something I couldn’t handle on my own. Office Selk took all our information and flagged our address in the confidential data base. “Lift Assist” is another new phrase for my vocabulary. He was so kind and caring as he took my information. The non emergency phone number for Mequon PD is entered in all of our phones.

What a great service for our city. I’m hoping we never need to use it. Grateful if we do.

Thank you and Officer Selk for your service.


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