Mequon Update: June 9, 2017

Friends and Neighbors:

I am writing again to update you on the upcoming matters that the Mequon Common Council and City committees will be considering.

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Planning Commission
The Mayor and one alderman represent the Common Council on the Planning Commission. The other commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. Starting last month, I became the aldermanic representative.

On, Monday, June 12, starting at 7:00 p.m., the Planning Commission will hold a meeting. Highlights include applications for approval of:

  1. A new daycare at 10510 North Port Washington Road.
  2. Division of one 18 acre lot off a 67 acre parcel fro the construction of a new home at 11627 West Highland Road.
  3. The Final Plat for Phase II of the Veridian Homes development (The Enclave at Mequon Preserve) at 10839 North Wauwatosa Road.
  4. A Fill Permit and Development Agreement for Phase III (the final phase) of the above-described Veridian Homes development.  I plan to ask why the Wauwatosa Road street light for the subdivision has not yet been installed.
  5. Three lot land division at 9805 North Cedarburg Road for the construction of three homes.
  6. Six unit condominium development at 10950 North Cedarburg Road.  The units would replace an existing office building at that location.
  7. A 6,000 square foot batting and hitting building next to Kapco Park on the grounds of Concordia University. The exterior would match Kapco Park and would not be visible from the road.

More information regarding the Planning Commission meeting and these items can be found by clicking here.

Common Council
On Tuesday, June 13, starting at 7:30 p.m., the Common Council will hold its June monthly meeting.  Highlights include:

  1. A vote on the appointment of Dr. Kathleen Schneider to represent the 7th Aldermanic District on the Common Council until April.  The Common Council sitting as a committee of the whole  selected Dr. Schneider to fill the vacancy in this district.  Two candidates were interviewed.  Both were excellent.  Pamela Ploor was the other candidate. Please thank her for going through the process.
  2. The development agreement for Phase III of the Veridian Homes development (The Enclave at Mequon Preserve) described above as Planning Commission Item #4
  3. Discussion of the traffic and parking study for the Logemann Center property.
  4. An ordinance addressing the location of vegetable gardens in front yards.
  5. An ordinance changing Mequon’s ordinances regarding water skiing flotation requirements to make them consistent with state law.
  6. The sale of water utility bonds.
  7. Sanitary sewer lateral work on West Shoreland Drive, Corey Lane and Lake Shore Drive.
  8. An agreement with the Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society for improvements to the Isham Day House (across from City Hall) to use it for a postage stamp museum.
  9.  Discussion of negotiating strategies for the sale of the Logemann Center property. This is scheduled for closed session in order to give staff negotiating direction. Any proposed contract will be debated and voted on at a future public meeting. I may request that the Council hold this month’s meeting in open session.

More information regarding the Common Council meeting will be found by clicking here. As of the time I am writing this update, materials are not on-line; however, I expect they will be there later on Friday.

City Committees
As stated above, I am now the aldermanic representative to the Planning Commission. I also will continue to serve on the City’s Public Welfare Committee. All Common Council members serve on the Appropriates Committee, the Sewer Utility District Commission and the Water Utility Commission. In addition to my own committees, I will try to report on items of significance being considered by other committees.

Public Welfare Committee (Tuesday, June 13, at 5:00 p.m.). Click here to learn more. The Public Welfare Committee will consider:

  1. Modifications of the ordinances that govern the City’s boards, commissions and committees. I have reported on these modifications in most of the updates over the past year. The Pubic Welfare Committee began this process in July of 2016 and completed its initial review in March of 2017 (nine meetings). Then, the recommendations of the Public Welfare Committee were forwarded to each of the City’s boards, commissions and committees. Over the past three months, those bodies have reviewed the recommendations.  Their reports and suggestions will now be considered by the Public Welfare Committee before it forwards recommendations to the Common Council.  I expect that much of this meeting will be spent discussing comments related to a proposed merger of the Park Board, Open Space Preservation Commission and Tree Board. The resulting body would be called the Natural Resources Committee.  Some members of the three bodies being proposed for merger do not approve.
  2. A review of residential lighting standards.
  3. The methods for delivering materials to Common Council members.

Finance–Personnel Committee (Tuesday, June 13, at 6:30 p.m.). Click here to learn more. The Finance-Personnel Committee will consider:

  1. Renewal of the liquor license for the Sybaris. There is an alleged history of problems.
  2. Renewal of the liquor license for Vietnamese Noodles. There have been alleged license violations.
  3. The lease of the Isham Day House described above as Common Council Item #8.

Public Works Committee (Tuesday, June 13, at 6:30 p.m.). Click here to learn more. The Public Works Committee will consider a priority plan for drainage projects in the City and drainage improvements along Donges Bay Road just west of Port Washington Road.

Sewer Utility District Commission (Tuesday, June 13, at 7:15 p.m.). Click here to learn more. The Commission will consider the sewer work described above as Common Council Item #7.

Architectural Board (Monday, June 12, at 6:30 p.m.). Click here to learn more. The Architectural Board will consider four new homes and 12 additions or other residential construction projects. Seven of the other construction projects are resubmittal from a prior meeting.  Applicants are in all aldermanic districts except 2 and 8.

River Advisory Committee (Thursday, June 15, at 6:30 p.m.). Click here to learn more. The River Advisory Committee will meet with the Mequon Boat Patrol Officer, review boating informational cards being prepared for Mequon and Thiensville and discuss ordinance changes being proposed in Thiensville.

Of course, please provide comments to me or to any elected official.

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  1. Nicely done! Well thought-out, easy to understand and as concise as can be expected – alot of information quickly at ones finger tips. Elected officials are not required to take the time that this requires. It is appreciated.

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