Logemann Property Petitions

There are two competing internet petitions regarding the Logemann property.

I do not really believe that petitions are effective tools for determining public sentiment.  However, the organizers of one of the petitions believe it will have an impact, so a different group decided to create a petition in response.

A petition supporting both the restaurant and the park improvements at the Logemann property can be found here:


This petition started just yesterday afternoon (March 14) and has 123 signers.

A petition supporting only the park improvements and opposing the restaurant can be found here:


This petition, which started three days earlier (March 11), has 221 signers.  The petition itself is a bit deceptive, making it sound as if the City proposes to sell off the entire civic campus.

Elected officials care what you think.  However, we also care about the opinions of people who do not sign petitions. I expect that most of us we will disregard signatures from people who do not live in Mequon.

Sign the petition of your choice, or start another that accurately supports your position.  However, more importantly, send an email to the aldermen and the mayor, or call them, explaining what you think and why you take that position.

You can read what I think, subject to learning more about the proposals, by reviewing the next article in this website.



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