Anonymous Letters

Tonight I received a rather angry and condescending letter. It was anonymous.

People have the right to express themselves however they want, and certainly people have the right to criticize me.  It comes with the territory.  I received a few of these in the past.

If, however, the writer believes he/she made some sort of impression, he/she missed the mark.  I am not losing any sleep over it.  How can I when it is anonymous? It is hard to take any correspondence seriously when there is no name on it.

By all means, let me know what you think. Communication is important and, even if we disagree, I will listen and consider what you say – if you put your name on it.  I will call or write to you – if you put your name on it.  If I was wrong, I will apologize and change the way I act – if you put your name on it.

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