Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who posted a yard sign or talked to their neighbors about yesterday’s election. Mostly, thank you to everyone who voted! I am humbled by the overwhelming support. We will make positive change in Mequon, but we are not going to change all that is great about our community.

I also would like to thank Janette Braverman for running. Democracy works best when people get involved. Mrs. Braverman put in a lot of work, and ran a positive campaign. Running for office is far more difficult than most people appreciate. A campaign takes-up evenings and weekends; sacrifices family and work time; and costs money. It is stressful. For three or four months, a candidate’s life is put on hold, all for the honor of attempting to provide a community service. For all of that, she should be applauded.

Elections say a lot about a community, and should be learning experiences. Despite some of the vitriolic, and often incorrect, accusations by some candidates, Mequon voters clearly stated that all is not wrong. Our city government does a good job, and we live in a great community. However, as the dust clears, we need to look at some other messages from the election. Most of the complaints heard during the election can be resolved by better communication. Also, people have some very real concerns. I intend to work on these issues. I expect that my future colleagues on the Council heard these concerns. If not, I will remind them.

Again, thank you!

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