Elections, Including Those in Mequon, Should be Better

Elections everywhere have become ugly and divisive.  That also includes those in Mequon.  I am proud to be running a positive campaign, and I applaud my opponent who appears to be doing the same.  However, some candidates in Mequon seem to be following the blueprint of our national politicians in waging a campaign of deception, ideological echo chambers, and personal attacks.  I trust voters will see through this, but I am fearful.  Candidates act this way because it works.

Earlier today, Paul Ryan gave the following speech lamenting the state of politics today.  Ignore what party he represents – he chastises both parties – and please hear  the message.

Winning an election is not worthwhile if it means sacrificing integrity.  Gutter politics are unbecoming.  As Ryan says, “[i]nstead of playing to your anxieties, we can appeal to your aspirations.”


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