2 thoughts on “Remember This?”

  1. I was just at a preschool fair in Thiensville, this past Saturday and this topic and your name came up. A lady who lives in Huntingtin Park chimed in by saying how thankful she was for your quick and dedicated response on this issue. She said you will always have her support because you lead the charge on this. She said if it wasn’t for you her home value, and that of everyone in the area would have plummeted and more importantly her day-to-day safety and peace of mind would have been in jeopardy.

  2. I most definitely remember this symbol on neon green t shirts and large matching banner, as part of our effort to fight the proposed half way home for sexual offenders to be built on County Line Road very close to the south entrance of our (Huntington Park) subdivision. With your help and great group effort of our home owners we prepared a successful presentation and had amazing turn out at the Public Hearing held a State Fair Park.

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