First Lit Drop

Today, we distributed our first piece of literature to every residence and the businesses in the 4th District.  You can see it here.  I am going to keep this campaign positive.  I will  focus on my background, my long history of involvement in Mequon, my accomplishments as an alderman of which I am most proud, what I hope to do in the future, and so forth.  I see no reason to make this a negative campaign.

2 thoughts on “First Lit Drop”

  1. Moved here 3 years ago. Like what you represent
    Just curious is anyone else running- I have not heard anything?

    1. Mr. Sigal, thank you for the question. There is another candidate. Although I do not necessarily want to advertise for her on my website, I will email her name and Facebook site to you. I met her once a few years ago, and she seemed like a very nice person. If the voters decide to elect me, I will suggest some ways in which she can get involved if she is interested. Before I was elected, I served on the Mequon Board of Appeals and a couple of other committees. There are many ways for interested citizens to get involved, and the experience is invaluable in preparing a person for service as an alderman. If she is elected, I will offer to help her in any way I can. Based on what I have heard, I expect there are some differences in perspective and on issues; however, I do not want to make assumptions.

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