Learn About John

Friends and Neighbors,

I am a candidate for Mayor of the City of Mequon, and I seek your support.

I love our community. Most people move here because of great schools, low taxes, low crime rates and a beautiful community with a great quality of life. The Mayor cannot govern or fund schools, but the Mayor can make a big difference when it comes to the rest. I have worked hard to make sure that Mequon stays a great community in which to live and work, and to improve city government. I am running because I am passionate about Mequon.

We can keep taxes low, have great police, fire and ambulance departments, maintain roads, improve the City’s services and plan for our future. I am in my 15th year as an alderman working toward these goals. Today, Mequon has the one of Wisconsin’s lowest tax rates, Money Magazine named Mequon one of America’s 50 best places to live, Business Insider named Mequon one of America’ top 50 suburbs, Movoto Real Estate ranked Mequon as Wisconsin’s best place to live, and Safewise.com named Mequon one of Wisconsin’s 10 safest cities.

I love this community! I know you do too. I will work every day to ensure Mequon continues to be a great place to live and work.

Mequon’s Mayor has decided not to seek another term. He and three other recent Mayors are encouraging me to run. More importantly, many, many of our neighbors are supporting my candidacy. These people, even when they differ with me, think I have the right approach and passion for Mequon.

As your Mayor, I will listen to you and communicate with you. I will work to build consensus. I have done that throughout my years on the Common Council. Local office is nonpartisan and should be kept that way.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I want to hear from you.


I am a 40-year Mequon resident.

John with his wife Stacey and daughters Tori and Erin

I am committed to Mequon. I moved here while in high school, and decided to stay. My wife has lived here since she was five. Our daughters grew up here. I love this community. This is the best place to live in Wisconsin. I will work to keep it that way.

I bring proven leadership.

It is impossible to improve an organization if you do not know how it works. I have been involved in City government for about 20 years. I started by serving on volunteer boards and commissions. I was elected to the Common Council in 2001, and was reelected three times. After 12 years, I voluntarily stepped aside, believing that no elected official should “own” an office. When my successor decided not to seek reelection, I ran again. I am currently the President of the Common Council, I have served on the Planning Commission, and I have chaired each other committee that can be chaired by an alderman.

I have worked to keep taxes low and will continue to do so.

I proposed, passed and worked to maintain a city government tax levy freeze. Mequon has one of the lowest city tax rates in the state. We have proven that we can provide great services, maintain infrastructure and invest in our future while keeping taxes low. Doing so requires frugality and efficiency, together with a diverse residential, commercial and light industrial tax base.

I am committed to excellent police, fire and ambulance services.

Mequon is one of the safest communities in one of the safest states. It needs to stay that way. We must maintain excellent police, fire and ambulance services, I have been an advocate for all three. We need to be proactive to plan for the new safety challenges facing society.

I am committed to excellent roads.

There was a time when Mequon did not maintain its roads well. I worked to fix that. We now need to keep them in good condition.

I am committed to open spaces, rural areas and successful, small areas of shopping and restaurants.

In every survey, residents have said they want more restaurants and neighborhood businesses. With good planning, we can have those while still maintaining the rural feel Mequon is known for. My focus will always be on what is good for our residential neighborhoods and for each of us as taxpayers.

I am committed to developing a sense of community.

Emphasizing private-public partnerships, I will work to improve our parks, pool, festivals, library and community activities while ensuring they are not a burden on taxpayers.