Thank you for visiting my campaign website.  Please take a few moments to review the pages of this website.  I have included an introduction, my biography and a page that I will occasionally update with news and information.  I also provide opportunities for you to participate.  I expect that I will add pages as the campaign proceeds.

I was honored to represent the 4th District from 2001 through 2013.  I then self-imposed my own term limit.

If reelected, I will do my best, as I did in the past, to ensure:

  • Low Taxes and Efficient Spending
  • Excellent Safety Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance)
  • Better Roads
  • Fair and Impartial Administration and Enforcement of Laws
  • Open and Responsive Government
  • Excellent Communication with Residents

I will bring my business and legal experience to work for the City.  I will work to ensure that the 4th District has a strong voice on the Council.  Moreover, as I did in the past, I will regularly communicate with the residents of the 4th District.

Please consider signing up for a yard sign and to be included among my supporters.  Please follow this website (see above). Please like my campaign Facebook page.  Most importantly, please remember to vote on Tuesday, April 5.  Voting makes our system work.

Contact me by phone or email at any time with questions or comments.

John Wirth