Fourth District Alderman


Even though I am running for Mayor, I am committed to representing the people of the Fourth District on the Common Council with the same enthusiasm and diligence that I have done so for the past two-plus years, and for 12 years before that.

Please always feel free to call or email me about issues that are important to you. My aldermanic email address is

YOU SAID you want more communication. One of the ways I have been doing that is through email updates. Please click here to sign-up for these updates. My “Mequon Updates” have been used to inform you, not for political purposes. No editorializing, and just the facts. They are not advertising for my campaign for mayor (although I may have a separate email program for doing that). They will stay that way.

Please click here to sign-up for Mequon Updates – no editorializing and no politics.

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